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Meisner Technique Level II

Once the foundation of the Meisner Technique is laid, the actor moves into the creative end of the spectrum. Here each actor is taught the technique of building a character, something they must learn if they wish to have the diversity to play anyone other than themselves. Mr. Meisner preached that an actor’s talent “lies in their choices,” and here is where the actor becomes the artist, painting not canvases, but real breathing characters that live through them.  Here again, scene work is a fundamental part of the process.  


After this, a large portion of Meisner Technique Level II is devoted to audition technique for the Meisner-trained actor so that they can land the job, and then finally to on-camera work, where the actor learns the pivotal role the camera plays in their performance.  During this time period, the actor is filmed and their work is posted privately so they can study, firsthand, their progress, helping them to make the adjustments that will be critical to their success as film and television actors.

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