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  • Q. What acting technique do you teach?
    A. The Meisner Technique is taught as the foundation for new students, before merging into character work. After that, classes focus on on-camera technique, for film and television, before finishing up with audition and cold reading technique.
  • Q. Who chooses the material?
    A. Don does, unless it's a master class in which case each student is free to chose their own material.
  • Q. What material do you use for scenes?
    A. Initially basic scenes that challenge the actor on a more fundamental level, such as listening and answering, and emotionally preparing.
  • Q. What is the typical class size?
    A. Between 15 and 20.
  • Q. How often will I get to work in class?
    A. Every class, frequently more than once.
  • Q. How often will I put up a scene?
    A. Initially scene work is interspersed with exercise work. The emotional and creative challenges of the scenes increase as the exercises go along. Usually an actor will work on a new scene for about 6 weeks, then return to the exercises that build their muscles for another 6 weeks.
  • Q. What should I expect regarding rehearsals?
    A. Every actor is encouraged to rehearse their scenes outside of class, but sometimes time or proximity doesn't allow for this. In that event Face-timing/skyping is a decent second best, combined with meeting up before class if that is possible.
  • Q. What happens if I book acting work while I am in class?
    A. As long as the actor gives at least a day's notice to their partner and instructor, they do not pay for the class(es) they miss.
  • Q. How much are classes?
    A. Cost for classes are $50 per class, or $200 to be paid at the start of each 4 week cycle.
  • Q. How long does each course take to complete?
    A. The road to one's personal greatness does not have a completion date. Therefore there is no traditional "course." Classes are ongoing, as is the actor's personal discovery of his/her talent. Students are free to stop taking classes whenever they need to or wish to without owing future payments. That being said, it takes several classes to teach the Meisner foundation of acting, and several more to apply it to scene work. After that, on-camera training is offered, and then audition technique is introduced. Everything takes time, and patience is key.
  • Q. What is expected of me before I attend my first class?
    A. A telephone interview or in-person interview is required with Don. Experience in acting is not necessary. What is necessary is a deep desire to be a great actor, and hopefully a profound respect for what it means, and what it takes, to be a professional actor.
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